A tasty red hot  sauce-put fire in ya belly!

Backstory? It's the same as everyone else's backstory.....

I love chillies, I start to experiment, I read labels and recipes and taste every sauce I can, until I hit on a great batch: Roast garlic...it's pungent......tons of fresh scotch bonnet peppers.....they're burning.....a splash of maple syrup....the burn is tempered.

Everyone who tries it loves it. They all buy another bottle. They freak out when it runs out. You KNOW the story.

It's about taste as much as heat. The name comes from my club night......an eclectic mix of punk, jazz, old scratchy reggae and deafening live music.

I make a small batch of sauce once a month whilst listening to music on vinyl, played loud.

I taste and adjust each batch to the strength of the current crop of chilies. Did you know chillies vary in strength from crop to crop? Well they do. 

Each batch has three types of chilli in it, lots of scotch bonnet, but also bullet chillies and birds eye. Boo ya!

Just buy the damn sauce, cook some food, open a nice bottle, and put some music on.


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